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2015 Fun Valley Biker Rally – Pine, ID

Written by Skelly. Posted in Blog

Remember to mark your calendars and take off work for this years Fun Valley Biker Rally in Pine, ID. It is fast approaching and as many of you know is one of the highlights of the Summer riding season. We can’t wait to see you there!


Remember to pre-register by July 1st to save a bit of money. Below is the pre-registration sheet with prices and directions (Print and send it in to the address on the sheet) .




Hello and Welcome!

Written by Skelly. Posted in Blog

We at ICMS are happy to have you stop by! If you are on this page it is because you care about your safety and rights as a motorcycle enthusiast. We at ICMS care about your safety and rights as well, and we will do everything that we can to fight to protect you and your livelihood.

Things have been a bit stagnant on our website as we have lost a few board members and gained a couple as well. I should probably introduce you to the new members.

Bob Brumpton was an ICMS Board member previously, stepped down for a while, and has now returned to take over the difficult job of putting together and publishing our Bi-monthly Newsletters.

Kelly “Skelly” McClinton has stepped in to fill an empty spot and take over this website administration.

A few things to talk about today:

ICMS has decided to give back to our members. Many of you have been active members for a lot of years, some of you have just recently decided that you support our cause. We at ICMS want to say “Thank you” to all of you for your valued support, and have decided to give one lucky ICMS member $1000 for his/her bike, riding gear, etc. This $1000 raffle will drawn at the 2015 Can Dance this fall. This raffle is only eligible to an ICMS member, no tickets will be sold to random people with a $20 bill. Become a member now to gain your opportunity at this gift, and to aid us in the fight for your rights, safety, and awareness.


“Skelly” McClinton