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Idaho Coalition For Motorcycle Safety

Idaho Coalition For Motorcycle Safety (ICMS) is a state motorcycle rights organization (SMRO).

Whether you ride American or foreign, big bike or small, even if you don’t ride at all, ICMS works to protect and promote your right to free choice and to ride free.

From fighting discriminatory laws and practices to creating and promoting educational programs, ICMS and its members stand for the preservation and advancement of the motorcyclists’ lifestyle.

ICMS closely monitors legislative action, traces
legal trends and maintains a strong link with other motorcycle rights organizations to insure its members are as fully informed and current on developments as is possible.

The members of ICMS are actively involved in their communities by raising funds for various charitable organization and food drives.

  • Members also take an active part in the political process, from passing petitions to contacting legislators.

Although it is not required for membership, ICMS would like to encourage a high level of involvement.

ICMS works closely with governmental and private organizations to promote rider education programs, greater motorcycle awareness, and is a leading proponent for the fair and unbiased treatment of motorcyclists in the legal arena.

Additionally, membership in ICMS is an opportunity to meet, socialize and ride with a diverse group of people joined together for the common good.

ICMS members know how to have fun as well as get the job done. Join today and find out for yourself what UNITY is all about.

Idaho Biker Rights Video Gallery

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