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That’s why our organization supports the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF).


If you haven’t heard of the MRF, you should know that they serve as the national advocate for motorcycling. They are the only organization dedicated to exclusively protecting on-street riders and they have a full-time staff in Washington, D.C. committed to making sure the states stay in charge of issues affecting riders.


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For Immediate Release

June 15, 2018

Monday June 18 is Ride to Work Day

WASHINGTON, DC – This coming Monday will mark the 27th anniversary of “Ride to Work Day,” an annual event that promotes the motorcycle as an option for commuting to work. Since 1992, this event has been promoted by the Ride to Work organization with a goal of increasing public awareness of motorcyclists; promoting the use of motorcycles as a method of transportation; and increasing motorcycle safety.

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, an estimated 150,000 commuters ride their motorcycle to work. While this is a very minor portion of all commuters, figures show these numbers are on the rise. It may be surprising that the numbers are not higher given data that supports that traveling by motorcycle can shorten journey times by as much as 33 minutes of every hour for city travel. Additional benefits can include more parking options, fuel savings and the undeniable advantage of enjoying the environment and the open air preparing yourself for a long day of work, or better yet, decompressing post-work!

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation encourages its members and partners to participate in this year’s event on June 18th to help demonstrate support for riders across the nation and spur recognition that the use of motorcycles as an alternative to commuting can help alleviate traffic and parking congestion.

Another important message that the event sends is that, despite a sometimes less than flattering portrayal of motorcyclists by Hollywood and even the media and naysayers, motorcyclists are our neighbors, teachers, family, lawyers, servicemen and women and friends and they have a rightful place on our nation’s highways.

For more information, visit:

If you have photos of yourself participating in Ride to Work Day, send them to or text them to 202-546-0983


For Immediate Release

June 6, 2018




The bar has been raised. Just a few weeks ago, congressional staffers and lawmakers started their morning with the sweet roar of motorcycles as the background music as they shuffled off to their offices. Almost 150 riders from across America made their way to the nation’s capital on Tuesday, May 15. Scores of motorcycles parked directly in front of the Capitol as the biggest and best “Bikers Inside the Beltway” got underway.

This year’s event wasn’t your ordinary lobby day. Though thousands of advocates supporting different causes head to the Hill during the spring and summer months wearing coordinated hats, lapel pins, and name tags, bikers made their presence known by being themselves. Donning their leather, cuts, colors and riding their motorcycle, 150 bikers seemed like 1,500 bikers marching through the halls of Congress. This was a full-fledged campaign jam-packed with events.

This year’s event started out with a communication to congressional staffers: “The Bikers are Coming to Town” that circulated throughout offices on Capitol Hill just days before the event. 2500 emails were sent outlining the event, identifying the issues that would be raised and an invitation to get to know us better. It set the stage as the bikes rolled in that Tuesday. Attendees quickly broke out into teams, gathered their materials and set out. Collectively, participants hit almost every office on the hill to drop off materials including issue briefs on profiling, ethanol, the RPM Act and self-driving cars (see lobbying materials below). However, it was the 169 actual face-to-face meetings that were scheduled which allowed time for a lengthy discussion on the issues. And this year, for the first time, a hand-picked “leadership” team met with the top influential members of the Democratic and Republican parties in both the House and Senate (see the photo of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) to discuss the issues and ask for relief.

Through MRF A&E’s generous support, the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus held an event featuring a virtual reality motorcycle riding experience that was presented by Stacey “Ax” Axmaker. Dozens of staffers attended as well as Members of Congress from Wisconsin and Texas. We capped the day by hosting a debrief and reception at the local American Legion where Congressman Tim Walberg from Michigan came by to address the crowd and receive his “MRF Legislative Champion of the Year” award.

And then the results of our efforts started pouring in. Within days the co-sponsors of the motorcycle profiling resolutions increased by 14% and that number continues to grow. The RPM Act added co-sponsors from Texas, Arizona and Missouri, bringing the total number of co-sponsors up to 149 in the House. And last but certainly not least, just days after our plea for better consumer education on ethanol and relief for motorcycles, H.R.5855 was introduced. The Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act which would expand consumer awareness on how to safely use fuel containing more than 10 percent ethanol including improved labeling, fuel pump safeguards, and education outreach.

All of the examples above and everything that lead to 2018’s BITB is pure democracy in action. It is the proof that 150 people can make a difference in a matter of hours. This is why the Motorcycle Riders Foundation continues to be the only association in Washington, D.C. dedicated to speaking on behalf of the 8.5 million street riders across America. Because if you don’t stand up for your rights, who will?

It is organizations like yours that we must thank for this early success. It is through your participation, your financial investment and your dedication that we can continue to make our voices heard in our nation’s capital. From all of us at the MRF, your Board of Directors, volunteers and dedicated staff, we thank you for your continued support and in making this the best Bikers Inside the Beltway to date.


See you in Denver!


2018 Issue Sheets with talking points

State Specific Profiling Sheets

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 Alaska Michigan
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Call to Action: The Consumer Protection

and Fuel Transparency Act

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) was introduced by Congress to help shift Americas away from fossil fuels and towards renewable green alternatives. This has resulted in a system that requires growth in ethanol blended fuels, like E15 and E85 being options at your local gas station. The problem? These are prohibited by federal law for use in your motorcycle. But the only way you can learn this is through searching through the Environmental Protection Agency's website! Almost no effort has been put forth to inform America's 8.5 million motorcycle riders that by using these higher ethanol blends, they are breaking the law and voiding their warranty. That is unless H.R.5855 is passed. This bill would expand consumer awareness on how to safely use fuel containing more than 10 percent ethanol including improved labeling, fuel pump safeguards, and education outreach.

Tell your Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor to The Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act of 2018 by clicking on the link below.

Please contact your MRF staff if you have questions. You can review the legislation here:

And you can contact your legislator by clicking here:  Take Action 

Megan Ekstrom

Vice-President, Government Affairs & Public Relations

Motorcycle Riders Foundation



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