"Safety Through Awareness, Awareness Through Eduction"
"Safety Through Awareness, Awareness Through Eduction"

BIKERS INSIDE THE BELTWAY 2022 --Paving the Way for the Long Haul

Bikers Inside the Beltway – Since 2009 the MRF has brought over a thousand motorcyclists to Washington to meet with their members of Congress to promote a legislative agenda that continues to successfully become law on behalf of all street riding motorcyclists.

Outside the MRF’s legislative game plan, top MRF legislative agenda items went unaddressed and fell short of reaching our goals as the 2021 infrastructure legislation moved forward. The MRF is in the fight for the long haul and is paving the way beyond 2021.

The MRF’s legislative agenda – beyond the three items listed below -- was recommended and approved by SMRO leaders at the 2021 Meeting of the Minds, is not all-inclusive. The following items are at the top of the MRF’s legislative agenda as we move toward Bikers Inside the Beltway:

  • Profiling: Sustain lobbying efforts for the passage of resolutions or legislation that promotes awareness and prohibition of motorcyclists profiling.
  • Renewable Fuels: Advocate for targeted changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Support the universal availability of approved fuel blends, containing no more than 10 percent ethanol by volume. Ensure that consumers are educated on proper fuel usage.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Advocate and monitor any legislation or regulations related to motorcycles concerning connected and autonomous vehicles (AV) including endorsing rulemaking to set new standards specific to seeing, detecting, and properly reacting to motorcycles. Ensure motorcycles are part of all testing and development procedure.

The pandemic, and the events of January 6, 2021, did not deter the MRF. More than one hundred motorcyclists attended the first in-person meeting in 2021 with members of Congress last May. The above items are the missing pieces of the 2021 infrastructure legislation, and they are driving the MRF’s need to return to Washington when Bikers Inside the Beltway meets on May 17.

Ongoing security restrictions necessitate visitors to Congress establish appointments before arriving in D.C. The MRF will provide members with contact information to begin the process of setting your meetings with your congressional representatives.

Flexibility with appointments and expectations are essential. Some congressional offices will welcome in-person meetings within the Capitol Complex. Other offices may seek meetings outside the official government buildings. Still others may only conduct meetings over the phone or via Zoom.

Bikers inside the Beltway will be dual-faceted to accommodate in-person visits to Congress plus visits to local offices.

To ensure that the mission of getting our message to Congress does not fail, please consider the following:

  • Make your appointments locally or in Washington.
  • Familiarize yourself with the briefing points.
  • Confirm your appointment locally or in Washington.
  • Virtual or in person, make notes on your meeting.
  • Share your meeting notes with the MRF.

A meeting of the MRF Board of Directors will take place on May 16 at the Embassy Suites, 1900 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, Virginia. Rooms are available through the hotel direct line 703-684-5900 and use reference code MRF.

You do not want to miss the pre-event briefing and Q&A for visits to Congress, scheduled for 7:00 p.m., Monday, May 16. Briefing packets and “leave behinds” will be available during the briefing.

Making appointments with your members of Congress, attending the MRF board meeting, briefing session, and you are encouraged to make appointments with your members of Congress, and attending Bikers inside the Beltway are essential elements of grassroots activism at its best. Thank you for your commitment.

Bikers Inside the Beltway 2022 – The Motorcycle Riders Foundation -- paving the way for the long haul.

Yours in Freedom,


Fredric Harrell

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