"Safety Through Awareness, Awareness Through Eduction"
"Safety Through Awareness, Awareness Through Eduction"

Strength In Numbers

The street riders in this country are facing many challenges and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation is working hard to fight for your rights. We need your help. There is strength in numbers and that is where YOU can help fight the fight. The MRF is focused on doubling our membership and we need your help. We are challenging ALL our members to sign up one new member so we can pack a bigger punch when we walk the halls of congress and fight for the rights of the street riders in this great country.

Our members are our strength, and we have all made the commitment to take our battle for freedom of the road to the Nation’s Capital and now we are asking you to please consider making the commitment to double our membership and double our strength. Sign up one new member today! mrf.org/join

Total Vigilance,

Todd Riba

MRF Member Representative

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  • A Watchdog on the federal, state and local legislatures, protecting your rights to ride.
  • Your information source, with newsletters, board meetings and information meetings.
  • A major force in promoting positive motorcycle legislation and motorcycle safety.
  • An organization dedicated to fostering brotherhood and mutual benefits for members.


  • A motorcycle club.
  • Anti-helmet.
  • A Secret society.
  • A fraternal organization.
  • Afraid to take a position.
  • A branch of government.
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