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ICMS was incorporated as a non-profit edu­cational corporation in September 1985 with the intent of introducing a rider education program to Idaho and to campaign for public awareness for motorcycles.

  • ICMS was instrumental in organizing the Steering Committee in February 1991.
  • ICMS was successful in defeating HB301 which would have required all riders to wear motorcycle hel­mets. The Steering Committee continued to work on motorcycle legislation in 1991 and 1992.
  • In April 1991 ICMS was successful in hav­ing the Idaho Transportation Department form a Motorcycle Safety Task Force which prepared leg­islation known as the Motorcycle Safety Program for Idaho.
  • In January 1993 ICMS became qualified as a political action committee.
  • In March 1994 ICMS successfully lobbied the passage of the Motorcycle Safety Program which provides for motorcycle rider education and licensing for Idaho.

Since January 1993 ICMS has been the full time legislative watchdog in Idaho.

  • In Washington, DC ICMS was successful in having 100% of our delegation vote in favor of motorcyclists rights and the federal blackmail of the states without manda­tory helmet laws was defeated.
  • In March 1995 ICMS was successful in lob­bying to change the law to make a more equitable means of funding Rider Education for motorcycle riders statewide.
  • ICMS is a sustaining member of Motorcycle Riders Foundation and actively works with and supports the work of MRF in Washington, D. C. and in April 1995 brought the Best of the West Seminar to Boise.

ICMS hosted the Best of the West Seminar in Boise in June, 2005.

2002 ICMS lobbied and it was passed that insurance companies cannot discriminate against motorcycle riders on health care.

ICMS publishes the Two Wheel Advocate, a newsletter to keep its members currently informed of all legislation that may affect motorcyclists.

ICMS continues to work to protect motorcyclists' rights, in Idaho and nationally

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